Coricama profile
A story that has deep roots

CORICAMA is the result of a centuries-old history. Our roots are linked to the place where we live, Maniago: a town that stands out with great success in the international panorama for its blacksmith art endowments. Since 1380 blacksmiths of our territory produced swords, halberds and armours for the Maritime Republic of Venice, along with tools for agriculture and crafts of that time. Here, in 1873, the first major knives and cutting tools’ factory of Maniago was born – CO.RI.CA.MA.: Coltellerie Riunite (united knives’ factories) of Caslino and Maniago – known in the whole town as “The Plant”. In the plant multiple generations of specialized workers were trained and became male and female craftsmen that since then – thanks to their professionality – have been producing knives, scissors, forceps, blades, surgical instruments and other steel tools for arts and crafts. Nowadays the old CO.RI.CA.MA. plant, owned and restored by the Municipality of Maniago, hosts the “Museum of blacksmiths’ art and cutlery works” – an extraordinary exhibition of the typical products of Maniago – and draws tourists and visitors from around the world. We are very proud to be able to link our origins to a history that is deep-rooted in the community we belong to.

We take care of your needs

CORICAMA is proudly in the market since 1873 and it takes care of its customers’ requirements by proposing solutions and prompt, precise and useful answers. It also guarantees careful services tailored to its customers’ needs; fosters long lasting cooperation relationships based on mutual esteem and trust. All this is aimed to harmoniously combine interest and benefits between producer and customer.

New company strategies

CORICAMA has ever since produced and supplied the most famous and renowned companies of the dental and surgical industry worldwide with its own instruments, customizing them with their brands and trade-names. To seize new opportunities for success and growth we have applied new company strategies, among which the importance to propose and present ourselves to the global market through our brand and logo CORICAMA.

Value to innovation

Innovation for CORICAMA means to search the most suitable steels for the production of surgical instruments and the most innovative equipment to optimize the productive process and keep the high prestige and competitiveness of CORICAMA’s brand. Through this continued improvement process and the strict quality controls, both aesthetic and functional, we aim to lead day by day CORICAMA tools towards perfection.
Each company action is aiming to an intense specialization level, in which people’s expertise combines with the new technologies and the continued comparison with the best world scientific circles. For this reason CORICAMA cooperates with Universities, with the scientific world and design institutes that stimulate the research of new lines of products.

Our mission is to achieve – through every day more performing, reliable and precise surgical instruments – operational results that are far better than the past ones, and so contribute to the progress and improve people’s health and comfort.

Italian style and advanced technology

CORICAMA is tradition and Italian style where technology and design blend together in a refined combination to create a selection of efficient, handy and elegant instruments. Our goal is to achieve the highest standard in terms of beauty, ergonomics and handiness of the instruments: the aesthetic research by CORICAMA along with the functional and structural aspects, make the product a high-quality working tool. The pursuit of perfection is for us a never-ending project, noticeable in the attention we pay to details and in the elegance and accuracy of the preparation of every single product. Each process is followed and performed with accuracy: it takes great skills to produce an instrument of excellence that deserves the historical CORICAMA brand.