CISEAU mm3.8
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CISEAU mm3.8

[3.8x170mm (0.15x6.69in)]


€ 72.6

excl. TVA et frais de livraison

To cut and shape the bone. The surgeon can use a surgical mallet/hammer to manually impart an impact force to the proximal end of the instrument. The distal end (the cutting or shaping edge) is sharp and can be flat or curved [(concave) – aka: hollow blade].
Single bevel. With depth’s grade 6 – 9 – 12 – 14 – 17 mm

  • Nom Instrument: [3.8x170mm (0.15x6.69in)]
  • Matériel Pointe: Acier Inoxydable
  • Manche: ø10mm avec Code Couleur
  • Matériel Manche: Acier Inoxydable