Allen 9A [3.5/8mm (0.14/0.31in)]


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Used to elevate and/or detach the periosteum (membrane of fibrous connective tissue surrounding the bone) from the underlying bone through a pushing action usually applied along the longitudinal axis of the bone. It is a one-piece instrument made of high-grade stainless steel, available in a wide range of sizes and blade designs [e.g., slender or robust, curved, spoon-shaped, or flat (chisel-like)].
(aka: Raspatory)
To detach and lift the tissue and periosteum from the bone.

  • Nom Instrument: Allen 9A [3.5/8mm (0.14/0.31in)]
  • Matériel Pointe: Acier Inoxydable
  • Manche: Mod. LISSE ø 8mm - Double
  • Matériel Manche: Acier Inoxydable