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Towner-Jacquette U15/30


€ 34.2

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For the removal of supragingival calculus and plaque from teeth. Scalers are used above the gum line, and curettes are used below it. The use of a scaler below the gum line is likely to damage the gingiva (gum).
Designed to adapt to all teeth surfaces to be treated. Sharpened on both sides. Blades/Cutting Edges perpendicular (90°) to the shank. Triangular cross section and pointed tip/toe for an easier removal of heavy supra-gingival calculus.
U15 Towner – U30 Jacquette (Anterior sickle scaler)

Sickle Scalers: sickle scalers have a pointed tip and, therefore, the blade is held straight on the Sharpening Stone as it nears the tip.
See more info and details on Sharpening Stone product pages.

Sharpening evaluation:
Visual inspection of the instrument’s cutting edge:
– if the cutting edge is rounded will reflect the light, then it is blunt.
– if the cutting edge is edged will not reflect the light, then it is sharp.
Testing the instrument’s blade with the plastic Testing Stick:
– if it runs smoothly over the Testing Stick, then it is blunt.
– if it grabs into the Testing Stick and removes small fragments of the plastic, then it is sharp.

  • Nom Instrument: Towner-Jacquette U15/30
  • Pointe: Pointue
  • Matériel Pointe: Acier Inoxydable
  • Manche: Mod. LISSE ø 8mm - Double
  • Matériel Manche: Acier Inoxydable