FOULOIR mm1.8/mm2.0

FOULOIR mm1.8/mm2.0

[1.8/2mm (0.07/0.08in)]


€ 15.9

excl. TVA et frais de livraison

Used in any common filling technique for finishing the margins of restorative materials.
The filling material is mixed according to the manufacturers’ instructions and placed into the prepared cavity using specially designed carriers, small pluggers and flat plastic instruments. Excess MTA is wiped away and the restoration should be adequately condensed and burnished for best results.

  • Nom Instrument: [1.8/2mm (0.07/0.08in)]
  • Matériel Pointe: Acier Inoxydable
  • Manche: Mod. LISSE ø 6mm - Double
  • Matériel Manche: Acier Inoxydable