INDIA N.6 [3/10x100x45mm (0,12/0,39x3,94x1,77in)]


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Sharpening stone:
– recommended for curettes, chisels, and scalers.
– available in various grits (textures) and designs to meet a particular need.
– lubricate often with water or oil to avoid clogging the stone’s pores with metal particles.
– should be wiped and scrubbed after each use with a clean gauze to remove metal particles.
– can be ultrasonically cleaned to remove any lubricant and metal particles before sterilization.
– should be used alternating the areas used for sharpening to prevent “grooving” in the stone.

Sickle Scalers: sickle scalers have a pointed tip and, therefore, the stone is held straight as it nears the tip.
Curettes: curettes have a rounded toe, so the position of the stone is adapted to the rounded cross-section.

Sharpening evaluation:
Visual inspection of the instrument’s cutting edge:
– if the cutting edge is rounded and reflects the light, then it is blunt.
– if the cutting edge is edged and doesn’t reflect the light, then it is sharp.
Testing the instrument’s blade with the plastic Testing Stick:
– if it runs smoothly over the Testing Stick, then it is blunt.
– if it grabs into the Testing Stick and removes small fragments of the plastic, then it is sharp.
India medium mm3/10 x 45 x 100

India stone
Synthetic stone (silicon quartz) with a medium grit.
Rectangular-shaped stone with rounded edges used for sharpening and for finishing or removing wire edges after sharpening.
Oil lubrication is recommended when using this stone, however this stone can also be lubricated with water or used dry.
PACKAGING: PKG-40 (see: https://www.coricama.it/download/71702/)

  • Nom Instrument: INDIA N.6 [3/10x100x45mm (0,12/0,39x3,94x1,77in)]