Jumbo [150mm (5.91in)]


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(aka: Plunger-Type) To collect, transport and deposit amalgam in its plastic state into prepared cavities.
Mineral trioxide aggregate – MTA applicator. The freshly mixed amalgam is loaded into the carrier and the plunger or lever pushes the material out from the working end into the cavity preparation. Care must be taken to expel the excess amalgam before it sets inside the working end because it will be hard to remove it when it has already set. Clean in an automated washer unit. Do not use chemical disinfectants (cold sterilization). Sterilize in Steam sterilization only.

  • Nom Instrument: Jumbo [150mm (5.91in)]
  • Matériel Pointe: Acier Inoxydable
  • Matériel Manche: Acier Inoxydable