[46/93x18x95mm (1.81/3.66x0.71x3.74in)]


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Used to displace cheeks and lips to improve vision and access as well as protection during oral surgical procedures.
Autoclavable plastic

Plastic self-retaining photographic lip retractor. Smoothed and rounded edges to avoid impinging on the gingivae and minimize discomfort for the patient.
Smooth and rounded edges to avoid irritating the gingiva and minimize discomfort to the patient.
To allow maximum visualization of all alveolar teeth and ridges, retract and pull the patient’s cheeks and lips sideways and move them (slightly forward) away from the teeth and gum.
The special shape of the retractors and photo expanders allows the cheeks and lips to fold outwards.
Wetting the retractors shortly before insertion facilitates the positioning process with minimal discomfort for the patient.
Autoclave at 121°C/250°F or cold sterilization.

  • Instrument name: [46/93x18x95mm (1.81/3.66x0.71x3.74in)]
  • Tip Material: Plastic
  • Handle Material: Plastic