[43/43x3x157mm (1.69/1.69x0.12x6.18in)]


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For intra-oral images critical for planning restorative treatment, and evaluating the arch form and occlusal surfaces of teeth.
A correctly positioned mirror far enough back in the patient’s mouth captures all the way back to the distal part of the second molars.
Eliminate or reduce fogging by heating the mirror in a warmer (or under hot water) just prior to insertion or simply ask the assistant to gently blow air on the mirror. It is also useful to have the patient breathe in and hold their breath once the mirror is inserted to further obviate fogging.
Use appropriate retractors to manipulate the patient’s lips to create a wide enough frame to insert the mirror.
Coated with Rhodium, with high reflectivity (10% more than chromium-coated or stainless steel mirrors) and durable metallic finish (won’t scratch as easily as chromium-coated or stainless steel mirrors).
Cleaning procedure:
Hand wash, clean with clean gauze and germicidal neutral detergent.
Dry using gauze sponges or a lint-free surgical towel.
Sterilize in a steam autoclave inside a protective bag.
Do not touch the surface.
Do not put it in contact with other instruments.
Do not wash and clean with ultrasonic.
Use of chemical sterilants or cold sterilants is not recommend as may leave permanent streaks on the surface.

  • Nombre Instrumento: [43/43x3x157mm (1.69/1.69x0.12x6.18in)]
  • Punta: Plano/a
  • Material Punta: Rodio
  • Material Mango: Vidrio