ESPEJOS N.5 RODIO - 12 pzs
ESPEJOS N.5 RODIO - 12 pzs 110225-60.jpg 110225-70.jpg

ESPEJOS N.5 RODIO – 12 pzs

N.5 [ø24mm (ø0.94in)]


€ 55.5

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For the inspection of the oral cavity, to view a mirror image of teeth in locations of the mouth where visibility is difficult or impossible. They are also used for reflecting light onto desired surfaces, indirect vision, and for the retraction of soft tissues to improve access or vision.
One-sided image, Front Surface, Plane/Flat Surface Reflecting Mirror.
Package of 12 pcs
Simple Stem – EU
(European-Metric Thread)

Rhodium reflection layer reflects the image from the front surface of the mirror. Coated on the Front surface for a more accurate light reflection: less possibilities of getting a scattered reflection after hitting on a rough surface. The reflecting layer is the surface and it reflects only once, providing clear vision, free from all distortion. Simple stem mirror heads have a shank that is straight.

  • Nombre Instrumento: N.5 [ø24mm (ø0.94in)]
  • Punta: Plano/a
  • Material Punta: Rodio
  • Mango: Simple Stem (EU)
  • Material Mango: Acero Inoxidable

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