MARTILLO MEAD 320g mm170


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(aka: Surgical Hammer) Used to manually impart a force (i.e., strike) on another device (e.g., a chisel) during surgery. Available in a variety of designs and materials, the handle is typically made of metal (e.g., chromed iron or high quality stainless steel), but can also be made of synthetic materials (e.g., tufnol), and tapers distally to the head. The head is typically a solid, cylindrical shape normally being double-sided and made of solid (iron/steel) or shock absorbing materials (e.g., rubber, plastic, or tufnol).

  • Nombre Instrumento: Mead [ø26x170mm (ø1.02x6.69in)]
  • Material Punta: Teflón
  • Material Mango: Acero Inoxidable

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