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Used during tooth extraction to cut the periodontal ligament that binds the tooth to the surrounding marginal and alveolar bone (alveolar process). This procedure reduces the need for luxation of the tooth and minimizes mechanical trauma to the bone tissue. After the periodontal ligament is cut and the tooth is removed, the underlying bone structure remains intact.
Periotomes are instruments that are used to sever the soft tissue attachment of a tooth. They resemble fine straight elevators, but have sharp, narrow blades for cutting. Straight periotomes are used for single rooted teeth, while angled ones are appropriate for multirooted teeth. They are inserted into the periodontal space and with apical pressure are moved from the distal to the mesial aspect of a tooth or root, first buccally and then palatally. By severing the soft tissue attachment in this way, there is less need for vigorous manipulation of the tooth within its socket during the extraction. Alveolar expansion and destruction are therefore minimized.
690010, 690020, 690030, 690040; 690050 – Handle with 4 interchangeable blades, for atraumatic extraction of teeth with minimal damage to the surrounding alveolar bone. Thanks to the sharp and delicate blades, the marginal gingiva and periodontal ligament can be carefully detached. Its use is particularly portant when considering dental implants. PERIOTOME IS USED FOR CUTTING, NOT ANY LEVERAGE MOVEMENT.

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