Adson-Brown [120mm (4.72in)]


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(aka: Thumb Forceps) Commonly held between the thumb and two or three fingers of one hand. Spring tension at one end holds the grasping ends apart until pressure is applied. Used to facilitate grasping, manipulation, compression or joining of tissue and ligature. It typically has two main designs: 1) a self-retaining, scissors-like design with ring handles and the working end having a variety of blade designs, e.g., straight, angled, or curved with parallel grooves or serrations to ensure grip; and 2) a tweezers-like design (may be a micro/fine instrument) with two conjoined blades with serrated tips at the working end.
Atraumatic (cushing) tissue tweezer, for gripping membrane and tissue safely. The special serration prevents the perforation of the tissue. Atraumatic tissue forceps used to avoid tissue damage during manipulation.

  • Nombre Instrumento: Adson-Brown [120mm (4.72in)]
  • Punta: Recta, Serrada, Acanalada
  • Material Punta: TC - Insertos de Carburo-Tungsteno
  • Mango: Plano, Serrado
  • Material Mango: Acero Inoxidable