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Halstead Mosquito [125mm (4.92in)]


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Straight or curved scissor plier with serrated blades used in the constriction of blood vessels during surgery to prevent bleeding and control haemorrhage.
Hemostats (Haemostats), Arterial Forceps, Artery Forceps, Artery Clips, Hemostatic Clamp

Locking forceps used to compress an artery to forestall bleeding. The thumb and middle or ring fingers grasp the finger loops, while the index finger helps guide the instrument, to facilitate handling. The locking mechanism consists of a series of interlocking teeth located near the finger loops that allow the user to adjust the clamping force of the pliers. As the forceps are closed, the teeth engage and keep the instrument’s tips from separating. A simple shift of the fingers is all that is needed to dis-engage the teeth and open the pliers.

  • Nombre Instrumento: Halstead Mosquito [125mm (4.92in)]
  • Punta: Recta, Serrada
  • Material Punta: Acero Inoxidable
  • Material Mango: Acero Inoxidable