TAZA DE HULE  ø mm140

TAZA DE HULE ø mm140

[ø140mm (ø5.51in)]


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A small, shallow, hand-held concave vessel used to mix dental materials chairside before application to the patient during dental procedures. The user pours the required amount of ingredients into the container and mixes them by hand (e.g., with a spatula) until the consistency of the mixture is appropriate. It is most often used for prophylaxis and fluoride treatments, for mixing composite materials, acrylics, cements, and amalgams.
Capacity: 0,8 Liters

(Plaster Bowl) For alginate, plaster and other materials. Flexible, easy to handle and easy to clean.

  • Nombre Instrumento: [ø140mm (ø5.51in)]
  • Material Punta: Goma
  • Material Mango: Gomma