Para devolver el producto comprado, rellene este formulario RMA con la siguiente información:

    RMA No. : A rellenar por CORICAMA (dejar vacío)  

    Descripción del defecto y / o incumplimiento O "Error en el pedido"
    Factura No.
    Factura Fecha
    ¿Ya se ha utilizado el producto?
    Descripción del uso realizado
    Descripción de la esterilización realizada
    Elegir / Adjuntar documento o imagen (OBLIGATORIO)

    Following receipt of the form filled with the information above requested and accompanying pictures/documentation, CORICAMA will evaluate the defects and non-compliances reported and will decide whether to authorize the return of products providing the return authorization code (RMA No.) to the User by email to the address specified in the form.
    The product must be returned in perfect hygienic conditions – sterile – to protect the health of workers. Each product must always be returned in the sterilization pouch (sealed) after being sterilized.
    The return (authorized by CORICAMA) will be made by the User at his own expense within 7 (seven) days from the receipt of the return authorization code (RMA No.) to: CORICAMA srl, Via Maniago 103 – 33085 Maniago (PN) – Italy
    The form filled with the information above requested and completed with the return authorization code (RMA No.) to the User by email must be included in the package containing the instrument to be returned.
    The authorization to return the products using the return authorization code (RMA No.) will not in any way confirm the presence of defects or non-compliance, the existence of which will be determined after the return following CORICAMA evaluation.
    If a defect or noncompliance is recognized, CORICAMA will decide to repair or replace the Product, or to reimburse the User the price paid for the purchase of the Product. In case of repair or replacement, the current warranty period will not be interrupted or zeroed. If CORICAMA will decide to reimburse the User the price paid for the purchase of the Product, the amount will be deducted from the purchase price of a new product CORICAMA. The execution of our obligations, described above, imply in any case the return by the User of products are they delivered in error, non-compliant, damaged or defective. Are excluded the defects of the Products arising from: Failure to follow the instructions found inside the product package or on the Website Improper or inappropriate use (use of force, overload, changes made by the user, wrong destination of use, negligence) Consequential losses or damages arising from circumstances and/or events caused by force majeure, which cannot be attributed to defects in materials or manufacturing of the product. Defects due to negligence and/or incorrect and/or lack of maintenance. Defects caused by incorrect cleaning and sterilization (stains and/or traces of rust or rust caused by non-compliance with the timing, temperature and cleaning procedures). Defects attributable to natural wear and tear of the Product.
    For any further information or assistance contact, thank you.